C. Lewis & Company


Location: Puerto Rico

Scope of Engagement:
  • Fire damage to a high capacity combustion turbine installation;
  • Measurement of extra expense resulting from the utilization of excess capacity available within the insured’s system.
  • In excess of US$100 million
Unique Aspects of Engagement:
  • Recreated the insured’s logarithm planning model in order to calculate extra expense from increased generation at alternate facilities;
  • Worked closely with transmission and distribution expert in order to ensure that the recreated model obeyed the system operating criteria;
  • Considered a 24-month indemnity period.

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Scope of Engagement:
  • Flood damage to 3 large hydroelectric plants in Bolivia;
  • Measurement of business interruption loss resulting from lost gross profit.
  • In excess of US$300,000
Unique Aspects of Engagement:
  • Determined loss of sales from both capacity and dispatch payments;