C. Lewis & Company

Business Valuations

How much is a business worth?  There is no correct answer to this question.   Business valuations capture the market value on an entity based on a special purpose and point in time.  Based on the standard and purpose of the valuation the same entity can have different values.  

C. Lewis & Company has the expertise in accounting, taxation and economics to develop sound valuations for a variety of purposes.  Our clients depend on our ever-growing knowledge of valuation theory and our diverse industry experience to fully understand the financial performance of the subject company.

C. Lewis & Company uses a systematic approach to gather facts and conduct the due diligence on each case.  By applying accepted valuation methods to these facts, a justifiable and sound analysis can then begin to take shape.  Our services and reports are fully tailored to the purpose, standard, and client preferences while fully complying with all regulatory demands.