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We work closely with adjusters, engineers, lawyers and other experts to provide a reliable service in Business Interruption claims worldwide. We have always taken an independent and technical approach to our analysis. We believe the role of a forensic accountant can be summed up in a single word – measurement. Our task is to analyse where an Insured would have been but for the loss and where they are now, to respond to adjusters’ instruction regarding the policy, and to measure the financial impact of any scenario we are instructed.

There is no single solution to any business interruption claim. By building trust, information is shared readily and joint models can be put together rather than working in isolation. It is one thing to believe you have the correct solution and another to be able to demonstrate and convince another party that you are correct. We are extremely proud of our reports and schedules and feel our record stands for itself – every single claim we have been involved in from the outset has settled amicably without the need for litigation. Our diverse portfolio of files and clients gives our work a degree of authority and means settlements are accepted by Insureds and the follow market.

We also provide forensic accounting services for Warranty & Indemnity insurance (also known as “W&I”, “Representations & Warranties” or “R&W”) claims. For further details please click here.

Industry Experience


The complexity of the oil refining and petrochemical industry creates a minefield for insurers...

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Global market demand fluctuations, complex production facilities, interdependency of sister plants and inefficiency losses...

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Power industry losses can be very complicated due to the differing and complex systems of financing and distributing...

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Mining losses are complex due to the unpredictable and uncertain nature of the business...

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Retail and entertainment losses can be more complex than they first appear...

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Pharmaceutical Business Interruption and stock losses have the potential to be very large...

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The sales in these industries are generated by intangibles...

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This is a very broad industry category. Each industry and business type has its own idiosyncrasies and set of considerations...

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The Food & Beverage industry operates within an international, often global, supply chain...

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Hotels and Hospitality losses from an outsider perspective can often be mistaken as being simple to quantify...

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Utilities, transmission networks and infrastructure provide key services...

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Natural disasters and catastrophic events present numerous difficult challenges to Insurers...

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